iBooks Author Guide

By Andreas Kleinke & Almut Dworak

  • Release Date : 2012-03-07
  • Genre : Computers
  • FIle Size : 11.72 MB


iBooks Author Guide With the release of the first iPad in the first quarter of 2010, Apple launched a particularly powerful tablet computer. Within just a few months, the iPad became a huge sales hit. A multitude of available apps enable the user to adapt the device to his personal requirements.

But that is by no means all: thanks to the iBooks app, digital books (eBooks) are now available on the iPad. And at the same time, Apple launched the iBooks Store as an addition to the App Store, so now you can download digital books to your iPad just by tapping the screen a few times.

The free program iBooks is the perfect eBook reader for the iPad. You can organize and manage eBooks in collections, both in PDF format and in epub format.

But what was missing previously was an easy-to-use program for the Mac with which you can create digital eBooks. The app iBooks Author now provides the solution.

As usual, Apple makes it really easy to create digital masterpieces and quickly transfer them to the iPad with iBooks Author. You can import content from Microsoft Word or Apple Pages, and even presentations created with Apple‘s Keynote.

Tastefully designed templates invite you to create your own digital books and fill them with text, tables, charts, photos and more.

The widgets are particularly easy to implement and help you create amazing eBooks in no time at all.

But even the most impressive eBook would be no use if others are unable to access it. This book will show you not only how to create an eBook, but also how you can then transfer your book to Apple‘s iBooks Store and make it available for download anywhere in the world. 

We had great fun testing the many helpful functions of iBooks Author and finding lots of useful tips and tricks for you. We hope you also have fun experimenting with these functions and creating your own digital books!