By The Farlanders

  • Release Date : 2013-08-25
  • Genre : Games
  • FIle Size : 368.07 MB


Block-Aid Block-Aid is the Unofficial Guide for Minecraft and is a fantastic "how-to" for those playing the game for the first time.  It's also a handy reference guide for dedicated players who just want a beautiful, interactive Guide for Minecraft.  

It has been written completely from scratch with new players specifically in mind, not just a copy/paste of information from the Wiki.  We love the Wiki… We referred to it religiously back when we were playing the early days of Beta.  But occasionally we feel like reading something more personal… not just a large amount of information about every single detail.  That's why we created Block-Aid.  It's the Guide we wish we had when we first began playing Minecraft and we're so excited to finally release it. 

Rest assured, it will be continuously updated as Minecraft itself is, so it'll always have info on the latest Mobs, Items, Blocks and Tutorials that you need. …as well as fresh updates to our witty humour. 


- The Farlanders.


  • Flot Guide

    By smokeberg
    Super flot bog med flotte illustrationer omkring Minecraft. Alt fra hvordan du overlever til blocks og diverse informationer. Hvis du vil vide noget mere om MC, ville det her være et godt køb!