Secrets, Vol. 4

By H.M. Ward

  • Release Date : 2012-11-17
  • Genre : Suspense
  • FIle Size : 2.09 MB


Secrets, Vol. 4 Volume 4 in the Secrets Serials by NY Times Bestselling Author H.M. Ward

At night, when Anna closes her eyes, everything comes rushing back; the sensuous sound of Cole's voice, his scalding touch, and the way his eyes roved over her body like he could never get enough. Flirtation, promises of passionate sex, and nights filled with Cole's sexy smile are gone. Anna worries that her crush on Cole was something more, because her life is total agony without him. 

Anna realizes she's at a turning point. Someone burned her. This isn't a little blister that will go away on its own, it's an inferno that's destroyed everything it touched. In a matter of minutes, Anna lost her future and the man who holds her heart.