SAP Material Master – A Practical Guide

By Matthew Johnson

  • Release Date : 2013-12-11
  • Genre : Computers
  • FIle Size : 3.44 MB


SAP Material Master – A Practical Guide SAP Material Master – A Practical Guide
• Understand SAP Material Master concepts and how to tailor it to 
• Receive tips and detailed expert guidance 
• Maximize your value stream through SAP Materials Management (MM)
• Walk through practical implementation examples 

This book will explain basic concepts about how to tailor the SAP Material Master to your production environment, as well as detailed information on material master settings and their impact.  This book provides the opportunity for readers to better understand their unique environment and how to make the SAP material master work for them. Veteran SAP Materials Management (MM) expert Matt Johnson provides best practices for how to approach common scenarios, in addition to cost saving tips.  The book also touches on how material master settings can impact FI/CO. 

Table of contents
• Material Master Basics
  o   Material master structure
  o   Creating and accessing the SAP Material Master
  o   Accessing technical help and information
  o   Personal experience
•      Manufacturing Environment
  o   Planning strategy in theory
  o   SAP planning strategy
  o   Personal experience
• Basic Information
  o   Basic material information
  o   Basic Data 1 screen
  o   Basic Data 2 screen
  o   Classification screen
  o   Personal experience
• Sales
  o   Sales structure in the material master
  o   Sales organization 1 screen
  o   Sales organization 2 screen
  o   Sales General / Plant screen
  o   Foreign Trade Export screen
  o   Sales Text screen
  o   Personal experience
• Purchasing
  o   Purchasing structure in the material master
  o   Purchasing screen
  o   Foreign Trade Import screen
  o   Purchase Order Text
  o   Personal experience
• Planning
  o   Planning structure in the material master
  o   MRP 1 Screen
  o   MRP 2 Screen
  o   MRP 3 Screen
  o   MRP 4 Screen
  o   Forecasting Screen
  o   Work scheduling Screen
  o   Personal experience
• Inventory Management
  o   Inventory management in the material master
  o   Plant data / storage 1
  o   Plant data / storage 2
  o   Warehouse management 1
  o   Warehouse management 2
• Quality Management 44
  o   Quality management structure in the material master
  o   Quality management screen
  o   Personal experience
• Accounting
  o   Accounting in the material master
  o   Accounting 1
  o   Accounting 2
  o   Costing 1
  o   Costing 2
  o   Plant stock
  o   Storage location stock
  o   Personal experience
• Conclusion

The author Matt Johnson is a Program Manager at Martin-Baker America, Inc., a leading manufacturer of aircraft ejection seats and crashworthy helicopter seats.  As one of the company’s resident SAP super-users, he leads a continuous improvement team that strives for excellence in production efficiency and ERP innovation.  He has spent the past 11 years working in inventory management, production planning, sales and operations planning, continuous improvement, and program management, all in the SAP environment.