The Slug Inception

The Slug Inception

By Matthew Pelly

  • Release Date : 2014-01-02
  • Genre : Ciencia ficción
  • FIle Size : 0.37 MB
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The Slug Inception The Slug Inception is the third and final novel of the trilogy, and is comprised of a prologue, ten long intermediate chapters, and an epilogue. Like the previous books, each chapter is split into several scenes, with each being told from the first-person perspective of one of the three main characters.

Once again, The Slug Inception could technically be an entry point for new readers, but I definitely wouldn’t recommend it. It would mostly make sense, and you may even enjoy it, but check out the first two books, The Slug Rebellion and The Slug Invasion respectively, if you want to read the series properly. Plus, the first two aren’t as long as this one, and you’ll be able to decide if you like the story and the style of writing and so on.

Now for what you can expect to read about in The Slug Inception:

- Huge amounts of information about the Slugs and Cyborgs, ranging from their anatomy to their culture to their technology. There’s quite a lot, and these explanations of the alien races make up the bulk of the novel.

- The continuation and conclusion to the overarching story, if there’s anyone out there actually paying attention to it.

- A more fulfilling return to Slugenis, ripe with descriptions of how it runs and operates. Two other planets are also visited, one of them new, and some old Cyborg friends make their return.

- A pretty definitive ending to the story, showing the eventual fates of each of the characters.

- Even more Phill!

As the first two books before it, this is still a somewhat serious, somewhat humorous work. Most of its effort goes towards explaining as much of the workings of the universe that I could squeeze in (and believe me, there was a lot that didn’t make the final cut) and to character interactions, similarly to the first two books.

Now for the test of if you will like this book and this series:
Obviously, if you’ve read either or both of The Slug Rebellion and The Slug Invasion, you already know.
If you like really hard-core science or fantasy fiction, then this is probably too light-hearted for you; if you like really soft-core science or fantasy fiction, then this is probably too explanation-heavy for you. It’s a novel and series that doesn’t take itself seriously, and yet still tries to detail how and why everything in the universe works.
If you love character-focused stories, then this is definitely for you – I’ve gone to exorbitant effort to make the three main characters interesting in their own ways. Conversely, if you love stories with fully-realised and epically-spanning plots, then this is not for you. It does have a somewhat large plot, but that is not the primary focus.
If you love flowing and elegant descriptions of people, structures and places, you’re in the wrong place. Very little physical appearances are described in this trilogy, save those that are vital to the plot.
Finally, if you hate info dumping in all its forms, then you should probably stay away. There is a lot of information in this series, but most especially in this final volume, and you will spend a significant amount of reading time on it (almost exclusively through reading dialogue). I’ve made it as interesting as I can, but if you liked how the first two books were, it should be fine. If you're still committed, feel free to skip over chunks of it - I wouldn't want to force you to read something you don't enjoy.

And that is all. Good luck should you choose to try it, otherwise, thanks for reading, at the very least, the final line of my blurb. At least it's something!